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We believe your energies are better served helping patients rather than running an IT department. That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of managed healthcare IT services that will support your medical practice as you deliver outcomes across the careflow. CO-XISTENT IT services for healthcare companies allows you to operate more efficiently while controlling costs. See to the integrity and security of your medical records while ensuring you always have access to your files in a timely manner with maximum network uptime.

Our USPs:

  • We help healthcare organizations to adopt efficient operational models to enhance service quality.
  • We swiftly address critical business challenges arising amid mergers and acquisitions.
  • Our MDDEA Platform will simplify your business by allowing data from disparate sources.
  • Smart data insights will help you with better risk underwriting, detecting frauds, improved member engagement and reduced costs.
  • Legacy Decommissioning maximizes the return on your IT investments with our SureLMâ„¢ methodology for modernization
  • Our services will help Healthcare organizations to ensure high quality products and services, while streamlining costs
  • Drive operational efficiency & cost reduction through implementation of Robotic Process Automation & Chatbots for customer service activities, member/provider enrollments & prior authorizations
  • Optimize costs and reduce clinician burden, deliver value and achieve optimal

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