"Helping visionary businesses gain a competitive edge in a data-driven world"

Organizations of all sizes must make data-driven decisions to stay competitive. As there is data-explosion, generating large volumes of data through user or client interactions, social media, devices, and connected hardware, which can provide amazing insights and actionable intelligence when analyzed properly. These insights can help organizations improve profitability, business growth and service quality, as well as tweak product offerings and make smarter business decisions.Our offerings in this space range from Pentaho Big Data Analytics, Real Time Big Data Analytics for implementation of the advisory provided.

Our USPs:

  • We are Big Data & Analytics Expertise
  • We process & analyse,visualize,store and Data Ingestion
  • We provide BI & Analytics Services
  • We are Portfolio of services across all layers of the Business Intelligence stack.
  • We provide Reporting and Dashboarding using Pentaho Development stack
  • We use other community software like Jaspersoft and Talend
  • We use Data Platform & Ecosystem Selection (Hadoop, cloud, MapR,BI Streaming)

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